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Could Your Home Need Mold Remediation?

Could Your Home Need Mold Remediation?

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When it comes to mold, most people assume if it’s not seen, it must not exist. This is incorrect, however, as mold can be sitting inside your walls without you even realizing it. Some people don’t even realize it’s there until they start to experience severe damages to their home. Don’t let mold problems sneak up on you like that. Check out the following signs of mold formation to see if your home may need mold remediation.

The Walls Will Become Discolored 

Many people assume that when mold strikes, it’ll only form a black color. While it can sometimes be black, that’s not the only color you may notice. You may also see parts of your walls or ceiling begin to turn unattractive shades of colors like grey, brown, red, etc. Any time the colors on your walls are different than what they originally looked like, that may be due to mold forming inside them. 

You or Your Family Have Allergies   

Does your throat feel scratchy, or are you sneezing more? Most people who don’t normally experience allergies will start to receive the effects of them once mold forms. This is because the mold that is forming inside your house contains a lot of bacteria. It can soon become very dangerous for you and other people living in your home to breathe in these bacteria and toxins. 

The Air Smells Musty 

If your home smells musty and you’ve done all you can to rid the house of the smell, it could be mold. Even though the musty mold smell may start to spread throughout the household, try to follow it with your nose. It will smell the strongest in the exact location that it first began to form. This is usually going to be in a spot that contains the most moisture, as mold forms in wet areas. If you smell it strongly in a damp area on your wall or ceiling, you may need mold repair or remediation services immediately. 

Leaking Pipes? It May Be Time For Mold Remediation

Water and mold love each other deeply. This is why any area of your home that contains excess water or moisture is most likely attracting mold. Anytime you notice a leaky pipe, you’ll want to get it fixed right away. If you let the leaky pipe go unchecked, mold will easily find it and form in your home. This is also why your pipes should be checked regularly for leaking or any other plumbing issues. The mold will easily begin here and then creep to several other areas of your home. It can take more time and money to have this mold removed and the damages repaired. 

Preparing For Mold Remediation 

Learning your house may need mold remediation can understandably cause you to panic. Try to remain calm and give Veteran’s Cleaning and Restoration Services a call. We know exactly how to check to make sure mold damage hasn’t formed inside your home. If we do find mold, our expert team members will easily remove the mold and fix the damages. We’ll do whatever it takes to put your home back to normal after any mold infestation.

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