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When Water Damaged Upholstery Can Be Cleaned

When Water Damaged Upholstery Can Be Cleaned

Upholstery Cleaning Naperville, professional upholstery cleaning napervilleIt can be almost impossible for someone to know what can and cannot be saved after a water damage crisis if he or she is not a professional like those at Veteran’s Cleaning in Naperville. Water damage can come in many different forms and different degrees of contaminants and dirt in the water. So if you are sitting in a pile of water-damaged belongings and furniture wondering what to throw out and what to keep, just wait for your upholstery cleaning professional to come by before you take anything to the dump. Here are some helpful guidelines when it comes to upholstery.

Textiles And Pads

Most small surface water stains can be easily dealt with by an upholstery cleaning company. In fact, depending on the source of the water, if there was water damage done to any upholstery piece, it could potentially be saved. If the water source is clean, it is likely that a cleaning company can clean and dry the textile and pad of a sofa or chair, however, if the water is dirty from chemicals, dirt, or sewage, it will be much more difficult to save. Water that soaks into the pad can become trapped along with the bad bacteria in it that will continue to grow and develop into mildew or mold that could be dangerous for your health. Unless it is a family heirloom, if your furniture comes into contact with this sort of water, it may not be worth saving. However, there are other options sometimes, if the damage is extensive if you are open to having the pad and the textile replaced.

The Wood

If the furniture in question is a sofa or chair with wooden legs, and the water hasn’t penetrated up to the pad of the piece, then you might have a bit more hope for the restoration. Wood sitting in water can become cloudy and in some cases soft, especially if it hasn’t been sealed in a long time. The water can penetrate through the worn parts of the seal and get trapped within the wood. If you are dealing with clean water, this might not be a big deal and a little sanding and refinishing could make it look better than new. However, if you are dealing with category three water from a sewage source, you may want to discuss your options with a professional upholstery cleaning professional first. Bacteria can grow inside and cause the wood to mildew and the joints to loosen. Eventually, the chair or sofa could buckle under a small amount of weight and you don’t need that in your home.

The most important thing to remember is that upholstery cleaning companies can do amazing things, so don’t throw out a piece without at least talking to your restoration company about what they could be able to do. Just don’t get your hopes up if your water damage source is from your sewer line. Veteran’s Cleaning always considers what is the safest option for the health of the customer.

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